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Goodness Akubueze

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Goodness Akubueze

Inspirational Others

Keep Moving Forward

Keep Moving Forward

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A day came when I saw a contest

At first, I wasn't sure if I was ready for it

But I did enter and everyone was happy and proud

Because to them, it was like the first time 

I did something they are proud of

Soon the first result came out I was among the finalist

What a wonderful pride we've got everyone said

With this it made me keep moving forward so I will win

The final result came and I wasn't among the winners

I cried but my family smiled and rejoiced and said;

You are our finalist and many weren't among the list of finalist 

So keep moving forward and one day you will be a winner

And when you become a winner

You will see a reason why you must in life

Keep moving forward

School resumed and I went back to school

As usual there is always a lot to learn

By the mid-term after the school break

I wrote the test but the result was not what I wanted

Everyone said you did well

But the inside me said I didn't

The teacher said if I don't like the score

I should keep moving forward in studying and the next result

Will be a surprising tears of joy one

When I fall while running I always complain and cry

But everyone kept on saying to me

Keep moving forward and you will reach the finish line

Soon I realized that everyone always say the phrase;

Keep moving forward to me 

I used the phrase as my motto in life

Whenever I want to quit I will remember it and

Keep moving forward

The phrase became part of me

I began to say it to people who wants to quit

And I realized that the phrase is more than a meaningless words

That takes you to your destination like an airplane

The keep moving forward airplane is a proverb

To keep you going

If you always ride on it

After everything you will see enough reason

Why you must always ride on it

Said the older people around me

Thank you magic phrase

You made me never give up

Despite losing the first contest I ever qualified

I know with you by my side

I will never give up no matter how many times I failed

And will one day be a winner that will always in life

Keep Moving Forward

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