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Sujata Dash

Drama Inspirational


Sujata Dash

Drama Inspirational

It is in our hands

It is in our hands

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War is ugly and dreary

long drawn are impacts of armed conflict

it adds to devastation and seething anger

leaves imprints of horror at the corridor

widespread trauma and deep seated scar

rip apart millions of viscera and core

The trail squeezes health provision 

smooth sailing becomes a myth...

a statement long drawn

loot killing and rapes

poverty and hunger deaths

loom large on horizon

Who gains out of strife and bloodbath?

perhaps none

What good comes out of it?

as no one per se wins

both sides eventually suffer

lose peace stability and tranquill platter

This one life is meant to be

a joyful statement, abounding in happiness

not to sport bickerings and hatred

then, defeating life's purpose

Why do we indulge in such nuisances?

It is time we mend ways

galvanise response to join hands and reciprocate

harness power to turn this universe to an utopia

where children retain their innocence

both young and old

engage in soulful rendition

remain sanguine to foil doomsday prediction.

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