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Vaishnavi Mishra



Vaishnavi Mishra


It Is Easy To Aim Big.....

It Is Easy To Aim Big.....

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When you want to sleep,

When you want to put off your books,

When you want to waste your time on social media,

When you want to attend social gatherings,

When you want to watch your favorite movies and shows,

When you want to just roam around with your friends,

Just think once of your future,

Just think once what you will be ten years ahead with this attitude,

You will regret that why had you chosen to remain in your comfort zone.

It is very easy to Aim a big goal but it requires your heart and soul to reach that goal.

When everyone is sleeping you have to work upon your goal,

When everyone is spending their time in useless activities you have to invest your time for your bright future.

Don't bother about what others are doing, or what they are saying

Just part of this world unless you reach your destination.

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