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Inderdeep Kaur



Inderdeep Kaur


It Did Not Happen Overnight

It Did Not Happen Overnight

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Quite a few days past

I’ve counted things that didn’t last.

My poems don’t rhyme,

I’ve always been on time.

Nobody sees when I cry,

But shows that they try.

I do not know,

It happened on the go

I wonder why is it tough,

Every answer, a bluff.

I wonder as I take a nap

It is just a trap.

I am clutched in a cuff,

That is disguised enough;

It suddenly caught flight,

But did not happen overnight.

Days, weeks to years,

Intensification of fears,

Alteration of meanings,

Growing of feelings, 

Love-hate attachments,

Deadlines and departments,

Running nine to five,

Sleeping only to strive,

Slow hellos fast goodbyes,

Accepting fail without tries,

Restlessness and desires,

Lit by a wrong flame, the fire,

Being carried to carrying,

No affection but marrying,

High demands and acute budgets,

Less life-more gadgets,

Hand shakes and uncanny hugs,

Acting smart with absurd shrugs,

More pictures less food,

One move and I’m shrewd,

Ironies, sarcasm and news,

Talks of rights and sexism over brews,

Finding oneself to having a mate,

This feels like a certain climate;

With a cloud hovering on my sky

The lands here are still dry.

The rain promised, is yet to come

Before the cyclone this is the numb.

It’s an indicative change of season

As I try to learn the reason.

Nothing really changed,

But it’s deranged. Everything just faded

Dissolve unaided.

Some say it is just it,

Life’s arduous hit.

But no, when I think clear,

I see it is itself here

In my mind-the turmoil

Of the thoughts that boil

And the answer erupts

I grew


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