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Reena Bhanushali



Reena Bhanushali


Is It Necessary?

Is It Necessary?

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Is it necessary

To hide my feeling

In fear of loosing you

Is it necessary

To hold on those

Words I wish to say

Looking right into ur eyes

The place from where

I wish to dive

And fetch a place of forever stay

In your heart and life too

Is it necessary

‎to leave all my attempts unnoticed

‎to take all my caring and concern

‎as something all friends do

‎and there's was nothing new

To ‎Smile like a daisy in morning

‎at my highly lame jokes

‎letting me lose all my control

‎and falling for you once more

Is it necessary

To ‎tuck in that stubborn hair

‎behind your ears

‎get tired of it

And leave it to flirt

‎with your ‎rosy cheecks

‎making all my attempt fail

‎to change my glimpse

‎Is it necessary

‎for me to stand before you

‎get on my knee

‎holding your hand

‎kissing it with love

‎and expressing my love for you

‎Cant you just understand

The ‎language of my action

‎how much this idiot of urs

‎is immensely in love with you


‎is it so damn necessary

‎to say those three words

‎I love u

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