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One Vote

One Vote

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Finally, it's a holiday today

I got no work to do,

On the bed, I must just lay

Ohh dad, are you sure

Did you get no work today?

Have you forgotten

Today is voting day

Ohh, my champ don't you worry

Nothing would happen

If only I don't vote today.

No no dad, that's not right

Every individual's vote counts

And it's our duty for our state

Who taught you all this son?

My teacher says it’s we who make this nation

It’s we who can make it better

Government is our weapon

For the betterment of our nation

And its selection must be done

By each one

As every vote count

So, does every individual of this nation

A right choice today

Make a bright tomorrow for all of us

Go dad and give your vote

As a proud citizen fulfill our duty

And later enjoy your holiday peacefully.

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