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Play And Work.

Play And Work.

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How strange is that

The player in me dies a natural death

Every weekend it gets a new life

As out of my busy working schedule

I step out on the ground at nine.

The same pathway that leads to my office

Looks like a way to hell the whole week

Sunday makes the same way

Pathway to heaven and breath with glee

As the player in me is now set free...

The bag I hold for the rest of six days

Is replaced by the ball with which I love to play

The dedicated player is dedicated at work too

As sports give me lessons I apply at work

Like failures are next chance to try your better luck

And its a team that wins as a single player is worth nothing...

Like not every ball is the same

So are the situations in life that must be faced with confidence...

Its the sportsman spirit to be happy in others victory

And to be happy that you at least gave your best at it...

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