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Karthik Venkata

Abstract Tragedy


Karthik Venkata

Abstract Tragedy

Injustice Against The Labourers

Injustice Against The Labourers

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The poor, dull, down headed labourers wander street to street,

For their requirements and hunger and water to meet.

They follow the orders and rules of their bosses,

And work under harsh condition that can cause them huge losses.

They construct building with floors until height of the head,

But they even haven’t got a sleep even under the bed.

They sometimes sit in the side of the road to meet their needs,

And the man requesting and begging, people pay no heeds.

Sometimes often they get some coins in their hands,

They change their altitude and move to different lands.

With their children being playing on dirty sand and gravels,

With bacteria and viruses, in their small mouth travels.

Causing them some worst ever fevers and infections,

The labourers are exploited to afford anti-viral injections.

In a deep silent way, they mourn for the utmost loss,

Their life gets tensed more, like we see rivers puddled with moss.

At least they got some bit of lunch in the noon,

The hunger is gone now, but will return soon.

They get some happiness and joy for some moments,

Their main time-lapse is, to see in the big roads, the vehicles' movements.

They feed their children with the same dirty hands,

That they work hard to survive in the lands.

They till the road hard and make building high,

And in the other side, they leave their children cry.

They don’t pay so much need to the season,

Whether it’s hot, cold or rain, to take a leave, they don’t have any reason.

In the end of the day, they often sleep with hunger,

Let’s help them and make them poor no longer.

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