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Independence Day

Independence Day

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After years of struggle pain loss of lives,

After years of bloodshed, tears, and fears,

We found we could win over them in any Way,

And we did win our freedom on Independence Day.

Enshrined in our mind is the greatest day

In our life,

We shall not forget those who;

Stood with us in those days of strife.

Of all those memories that are part of our Mind,

Of all those valiant freedom fighters we Left behind,

Today we have come a long way as we hoist the National flag with pride.

From a small step, we have taken a big stride.

The path was strewn with thorns, but we never bent down

From the invaders, we rightfully took back our freedom our crown

Freedom is precious so let us not abuse it

Freedom is precious let us not misuse it.

On this Independence day let us

Salute our National Flag in tandem

Let us all with pride in our eyes sing the National Anthem,

It is this National Flag and National Anthem that is our guiding star.

It gives us Indians a sense of belonging wherever we are.

Freedom is precious let us misuse it.

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