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Amit Chauhan

Drama Fantasy Children


Amit Chauhan

Drama Fantasy Children

In the company of Daughter

In the company of Daughter

2 mins 125 2 mins 125

After entering the house

I kept continuing to speak to Zankhna

As I could not find her

I became nervous

And as I was going to be a little louder

She appeared in front of me very quickly 

I was amazed and asked, "where did you hide? "

"Back side of the door" she answered

Looking at my eyes she asked me whether we go for a ride or not! 

I said yes and she jumped on my shoulders.

After setting proper position she said, "let's go out" 

I understood her 'out' 

After understanding her wish, I moved towards the verandah. 

Here I stopped. After murmuring something she stretched her face above my mouth

And with a smile said, I will give you clue and you have to sing a song! 

" Oh my Zankhu, I do not know the all words of any song…." I said with little nervousness! 

Then….then she started: no need to worry

No need to worry, when I am with you then why do you worry! 

Ok...let me take a little breath I said. 

Afterward she looked at the sky

And said, papa, moon…..sing any song in which moon's characteristics or the moon itself described? 

"A little heart is taking my examination " I talked to myself and dared to sing. I started with the words: chand chupa badal mein….sharmake meri jaan…… 

Looking at my face and observing my expressions she suddenly started clapping.

Two seconds later she said, " star "

Giving some pain to my mind i started: "taron ka chamkata chahera ho….phoolon ki mahekti vaadi ho……." 

"Wonderful papa…." She added.

Now, papa, I am giving you a word….wind! She expressed. 

After listening to her words I recalling a film named KNPH. 

And with low tone i sung: kyun chalti hai pawan…..kyun jhoomein hain gagan…..

"Mind-blowing papa " I heard her. 

"River," she said with joy.

As she stoped i started: nadiya chale re chale re dhara…..tujko chalna hoga. 

When I was singing these words I felt some invisible voice was entering into my right ear. The voice was: jivan kabhi bhi thaherta nahin ……

She found me wondering so asked, " Papa, are you listening to someone? " 

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