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Vaishnavi Dubye



Vaishnavi Dubye


In A Strange Cafe

In A Strange Cafe

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Waiter, where's my soup?

On its way, sir, loop the loop!

Straight from our famous cooking pot,

Here it comes, sir, piping hot!

But waiter, there's a fly in my soup.

That's no-fly, sir,

That's your chicken.

The smaller the chicken the better the soup!

Please take it away.

I'll just have the curry and a plate of rice.....

The curry's very good, sir, full of spice!

Waiter, what's this object that's floating around?

Just a small beetle, sir,

Homeward bound!

Never mind the curry, just bring me some bread,

I have to eat something before I'm in bed.

What's on the menu? Hungarian Goulash?

I suppose it's served up with beetles and mash.

Isn't there anything else I can eat?

Yes, sir, you could try the cow's feet.

Highly recommended and good for the teeth.

All are best guests

Are most happily fed here.

And where are they now?

All happily dead, sir.

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