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Debasmita Sarkar


I No Longer

I No Longer

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I'm running away from the one I used to run after,

The longed-for presence is not what I want anymore.

His warm kisses feel cold,

His touch is fading,

I no longer want his fingers to run over my body,

I no longer want him to look at my naked soul.

His sweet breath suffocates me,

His deep eyes I no longer look at,

And no longer I hold his face,

And run my fingers over his lips before kissing him slowly,

Until the world falls asleep.

I no longer see his unseen tears,

I no longer hear his unspoken words,

Day by day he is fading.

Day by day I'm loving him a little less.

Maybe I'm just trying to fly.

Fly, fly away.

Maybe I'm just trying to free my soul,

A soul trapped in love.

Maybe love was an open sky,

But now the sky is too small.

Maybe the sky was within a cage,

A beautiful one,

But still a cage.

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