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Jacqueline Lobo John



Jacqueline Lobo John


I Can And I Will :)

I Can And I Will :)

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There is something I need to prove,

Prove to someone that I can do,

I can shine in this world,

I can do better than I did until now!

Not that I didn't work hard until now,

I did my best and gave it my all,

But, somehow, somewhere it was hidden,

By the butterflies who are not worth at all!

I have it in me, my talents and skills,

Need to polish a bit more relentlessly,

Till now, I just worked sincerely,

And not for the world to see!

Should I change my way of working,

And just thrust forward to get my share,

Or just adjust to the surroundings,

And work their incompetent way!

They say, "Truth Always Prevails",

Does this hold good for everyone that way?

Then when will I get my right share?

I am not greedy at all, just being very fair!

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