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Jyotshna Rani Sahoo

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Jyotshna Rani Sahoo

Abstract Classics Others

Howling of my mother

Howling of my mother

2 mins 175 2 mins 175

When I close my eyes

I can see a beautiful earth

A new born sun

Wandering around the premises of

Fatherly sky

Spreading hands towards river

Wants love of a mother

The kind river takes him

In her lap

Kisses with cold touches

Beautiful trees in rows like hermits

Have a discipline and decorated life

Have no desires, no selfishness

Only having a dedicated and helpful heart

I can smell the fragrance of happiness

Surrounding my mother

After opening my eyes

I can see only a tired hoary sun

A selfish sky who was once a kind hearted

Now it doesn't want to hold clouds

Now it doesn't want constellation of stars the beautiful moon

Now it doesn't want any one playing

In it's premises by chirping happily

Now it can't tolerate the exaltation of birds

Yes I can see only the selfish sky made by selfish humans

Now the sky is not endless

Now the sky is not courageous

Now the sky is frightened by us

Now it is only a lost body no longer exist with its real existence

Now the mother river is poisonous to her child

Hiding herself to save them

She is not able to be a mother

She is unable to take care of her child

Now the mother is a disable and helpless mother

Obligated and controlled by selfish humans

I can see only few burnt woods and ashes

Even no fossils present on Earth

The destruction of my parts of nature is

More horrible than dinosaurs

Now the trees and animals are only in geography book

My mother lost its beauty

My mother lost its existence

I can hear howling of my mother


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