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Suchismita Behera



Suchismita Behera


How This Happened?

How This Happened?

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In the early days of the new year

Entered a sign of threat and fear

Blew with fame, then became famous

Soon named as a "novel virus"

How does it look, raised a question?

What to do then, asked every nation

After so much research and investigation

Lockdown became the only solution

Wash your hands, stay one-meter distant

Howling everywhere to accept all for grant

Following these, prevention is absolutely sure

As we know, precaution is better than cure

Today, our body is caged, not the soul

Discover the creativity, design the goal

Sunrise is still there for a blissful dawn

Rays of hope are alive to arise as a blissful dawn

Search within you, to listen the silence

Find yourself that you have missed from years

It's absolutely ok to work from home

Also, enjoy the moment for work of own

Strengthen the patience, establish perseverance

Enlighten the path, glow with confidence

Everything will settle through passage of time

All will be fit, all will be fine.

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