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Anita Subramanian

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Anita Subramanian

Classics Others



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I see the sky darkening, like an angry lover,

Who has been kept away too long, from his paramour.

Unlike human lovers they can never meet in form,

The sky and earth, only dream of meeting on the horizon.

Heart heavy with desire, the sky flashes his clenched teeth and thunders in anger;

People run amok, in search of shelter from the irate lover.

Down come the first droplets,the tears of yearning,

as the earth looks up to the sky, with desire, smouldering.

Seeing his love reciprocated, the sky goes into a frenzied downpour;

All his suppressed love, he sends forth for his amour.

The parched earth, turns fertile with love.

Shoots and saplings spring up all-around,

the wait is over, it's a time for change profound.

Kids jump into muddy puddles,and float paper boats.

Lovers stroll, sheltered discreetly under umbrellas on side walks.

The smell of hot oil wafts from kitchens;

as preparations have begun,

to celebrate the homecoming of the monsoon season.

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