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Romance Inspirational



Romance Inspirational



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Toxic affairs with a virulent thought,

Her crammed state with constant distraught,

The daily toil with her mind so worn,

This devil's abode, kept her torn.

Over the years, she's stumbled a lot,

Her brave decisions cut the Gordian knot,

The meticulous grind has brought her far,

Her radiance exuding with every scar.

The early hassles made her so bold,

The brightest Amazon in this world so cold,

She led herself through the valley of fear,

Eternal valor being her only spear.

Time and again she's bid farewell,

Casting off her protective shell,

Responsible for her choices alone,

Adapting to the life she expanded her zone.

Her mind still pure with nothing but love,

For friends and foes, harmless as a dove,

Striving hard to embrace her spirit,

Her inner voice had become her Holy Writ.

At times her own ideals seem to waver,

When doubts dominate, life seems graver,

The path seems unsure, her faltering mind,

Again terrified of being left behind.

In those difficult times, hold her close,

Reassure her about the path she chose,

Be hopeful at heart and talk with fervor,

And be the one to silence every murmur.

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