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Reema Kohli



Reema Kohli


Hell Out Of Heaven

Hell Out Of Heaven

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I've seen things that scar life,

Growing up old with wrong 

And tiny bit right.

My thoughts lie printed on paper.

I don't know would it really matter?

It meant forever...

But now, it is never

Thinking about life 

And is suffocating inside?

There is a pool of darkness,

But blaming God is simply POINTLESS. 


Begging for help through silent screams, then

Why cry in your dreams?

I'm sorry everyone, 

I'm not going to lie,

Today birthed a thought,

That I would die!!


It didn't happen,

and it's just fine,

I just tried for

another crime!!


My heart is racing,

Someone maybe is praising.


Today, staring at the mirror

Did I fail to recognize?

Is this the end?

Or that was my life??


Body started decaying,

Someone is just playing,

Tears of blood trickle down the heart,

Something so painful something so dark...


Do I not bear emotions?

Was this your only prediction??

Not a thought running inside my mind,

Seems so easy?  Or is everyone blind?


Wake me up after I die,

And tell me, I was the sweetest lie.


Watching the blood that is trailing down me,

Was that cruel world or just him?

Swollen wrists, blood flowing,

Bleeding everywhere; heartbeat slowing.

I'm screaming inside, it is such a scare...

I'm holding onto myself, stop! I can't bear...

Helplessly watching, breaking every bone.

Who knows? Maybe not even the known,

I am a fallen disaster of my own,

Screaming, begging and calling out,

Pity, I can't even shout...


I'm going to a final place,

Not every is born as slaves,

The coffin closes, 

Covered by roses,

A headstone place?

And not a crying face...


With no more mistakes,

No last goodbyes,

No last chance,

That was my last dance.


The day is dead,

The battle is lost,

Yes, my life was the precious cost!

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