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Sanaya Nayak



Sanaya Nayak


Silence Of Sound

Silence Of Sound

1 min

Sitting in the corner of the room,

There is full darkness and from inside we are gloom.

Listening to the silence of sound,

We start realizing all the past mistakes which made us feel down.

Deep thinking of every regret of our life,

Made us sit in the blackness of the dawn light.

Thinking and thinking that where we went wrong,

Because the past has just became like a frozen Storm.

All things are messed up in our life,

And we are sitting in dark to forget all the mistakes which now has no life.

We all need some silence for our brain to remove all the painful strains,

And all the past mistakes which we have still now framed.

Their's the magic in the darkness,

Their's the magic in silence,

Because both come up with an opportunity to make us rise again,

And gear up to light again.

Learn to be sometimes silent 

As it speaks the most,

Than the words that are violent.

This will leave you with no regrets 

Then you will only create wonderful moments with rest,

And they will remembered like zest.

So this silence of sound 

Will recharge you again,

And that room will lighten up again

For the new beginning of your life,

That is full of good plans...

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