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Asmita Dutta



Asmita Dutta


On The Other Side

On The Other Side

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On the other side of the pandemic,

When remnants of our shattered past are picked

To rediscover the world we once knew 

May the earthy fragrance of gratitude find ways,

To sweeten the lingering scent of disinfectant sprays,

Ardent smiles, unobscured by the screen's glaze

The deafening silence that melts into the noise of chaotic days

Echoes of laughter over the clink of teacups

Sapphire sky, when you pause and lookup

Stolen naps in the incessant bus rides

Nods exchanged with strangers, loved ones by your side 

Somewhere in these mundane moments, lies

The ethos of transient human life, 

On the other side of the pandemic, 

When the fallen crown of invincibility, stirs a fuss 

May we awaken to the obvious

To save our umbrellas from being blown away, 

Many fought valiantly to keep the thunderstorm at bay 

But the forgotten got drenched in rain, wounds unconcealed 

Waiting to be remembered, sans the shield

Wrapped in a cocoon, safe and sound 

Does the thankful heart, beat out loud?

Let the tryst with our finitude usher, 

Shared words of affinity, long unsaid 

A deep shade of love to paint the sunset red 

When the first light pierces through the sky 

May a gleam of gratitude, illuminate those eyes 

For the warm breaths taken on the other side. 

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