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Piyali Sanyal



Piyali Sanyal


Growing Old

Growing Old

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Growing old is stressful,

Heavy with expectations,

Though the want is simple,

Be Immatured, be childish,

Knowing well, that this one,

You can ill afford,

Afterall you are aging as you grow!!

Thinking about yourself!!

Now that's too frivolous,

You now play a lot of roles,

Being carefree is not one of those,

If you learn to accept and balance,

Happy aging for you :)

A milestone in terms of age!!!

What!! Was I not a teenager,

Just a while ago!!

With parents celebrating,

Me coming of age,

And mother getting ready,

To curb my rebellious ways

Gone are the days,

And gone are those,

Who could make you feel so,

Loved... With all the flaws,

Even though you felt,

You were above all.

Your perfect self,

No worries in the world!!

Yet feeling weighed down,

By imaginary woes!!

Yes, imaginary they were,

But now no more

Negativity or longing!!

Who decides what it is...

I choose longing.. And so be it...

I am me... Flaws, selfishness, negativity et al,

However beyond these...

If you delve a little more,

You will find a little me,

Yearning for the cocoon called home,

Missing the non-judgemental acceptance,

Unconditional love and more...

So, here I am..

Ringing in the milestone age,

With an exterior so cold,

Covered well... To look...

Determined and strong,

With no care in the world...

Ready to move on,

As the show must go on...

Why the self-pity, I wonder,

When I can change it!!!

And when I do...

Happier prose it will be :)

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