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Mihika Saraf



Mihika Saraf


Gratitude With A Smile

Gratitude With A Smile

1 min

It is a whorl of great amazement,

How two words can be so agile,

'Thank you', how short it is!

But it is a wonder how it can bring a smile.

How unbelievable it is, such a little expression,

Can work so effectively,

Giving gratitude is a blessing shared,

Radiating positivity.

So thank your family and friends,

And others, for all they have done,

As they helped you through every phase,

Through every problem one by one.

Then thank God, for food and cloth,

And the roof over your head,

For the forgiveness for every bad,

Did and said,

Show gratitude for his gift of life,

Of what is left, is to be cherished to the deathbed,

Be thankful be grateful, for everything and everyone you have,

In your life, and for mother nature and earth,

Thank Him for doing everything, with a smile filled with mirth.

Then thank yourself for health and wealth,

Happiness and faith,

Show gratitude for trying with hope,

And patience to wait,

For telling yourself you're beautiful,

With worthiness, elegance and grace,

For believing in yourself indeed,

And improving your own pace,

And for last, thank yourself for thanking others,

And bringing a smile on their face.

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