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Maharnav Bhuyan

Abstract Romance


Maharnav Bhuyan

Abstract Romance



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“Fursāt” would be my name if I could name myself.

Because that is all that I really am.

I am a leisure.

A relapse from your life and soul.

If you may come and tarnish my soul, from my agony your relief shall bloom.

If you may scar yourself with my thorns, you shall become a flower.

If you may conceal yourself in my darkness, you shall become light.

The demons you have been afraid of all your life, I shall tame.

Since; I am not a god but a greater demon than all of them.

A trivial encounter with poise, I am.

But in time you must abandon me; since I am a stair in your life that you can’t let become chain.

My lack of mercy shall make you kind and my love shall haunt you in melancholic nights.

I am just as intelligent as the Rāvāna in this world with no Rām.

You have to rescue yourself, my love.

And the aftermath of me shall be like Diwali.

Yet if you knew me, for me you shall look in every one.

Your father, your mother and you are all my children whose faith is interrelated to me.

We are parts of the same soul.

I was born for you even if you were not for me.

I am the prism through which you shall become who you are; but alas you have to pass through me.

Vibrant colors await on the other side but pity that beauty is so restless.

Beauty lacks composure, beauty lacks peace.

Fursāt is my name, and that’s all I can give you.

So, rest with me and you shall blend into me or go away, in the pursuit of beauty and light.

My name is Fursāt, and that’s what I will take from your life.

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