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Adrija Sen

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Adrija Sen

Tragedy Others

From An Engineer's Diary

From An Engineer's Diary

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I am sorry dad,

For not being your 'perfect' son

All you ever wanted me to become was a 'famous' one.

You would beat me black and blue,

When I couldn't solve the fat maths books brought by you

But all I wanted to be some fat brushes

To fill my palette with a variety of tints and hues.

Family time engulfed by tuition time,

And movie nights with butter popcorn replaced by hot coffee to keep me going till the calculations were right.

You ignored the drawings and sketches, instead of formulae at the back of my books,

You were busy thinking about medals and trophies on the shelves with a contented look!

How I wish these racks full of study materials

Could be emptied to make space 

For walls full of my paintings and canvas!

All that a budding artist would need to bloom,

Was some sunshine and rain,

But all I got to see were the dismal dark clouds of 'your' high expectations hovering upon my terrain!

I could see my hopes and aspirations shatter,

Yet, I held on to yours 

Cause you said only 

'your' dreams matter!

All I wanted was my imagination to take its wings

But all you showed me was respect and popularity that 'only money' brings!

I soon realized that I am neither the best nor a precious gem

Your son's success might not go down in the pages of history

But his 'end' will surely remain a mystery!

I am sorry dad, but I have to take a leave

I promise you won't be troubled by me anymore,

Cuz dad, you won't hear from this failed 'engineer son' of yours.........anymore!

How I wish dad, that you had not bargained with my childhood

To satisfy the unfathomable pride of your fatherhood!!

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