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Indranil Mukherjee

Abstract Drama


Indranil Mukherjee

Abstract Drama

Freedom Of Soul

Freedom Of Soul

1 min

Looking at the midnight sky,

I saw millions of stars glittering,

Far apart.

Long Long ago,

Sun of our freedom also,

Shined alike, in the shed of

 tears and cry.

We snatched our freedom

From the bondage of dark,

Everyone realized,

Unity is the best way to fight

And leave a mark.

Freedom of speech is

our right, 

The cause of millions of

Death, in freedom fight,

Then, why speaking out

Our heart, is still a crime?

Listening to heart,

Gives an Immense pleasure,

Opens the world for,

Achieving untouched desires.

Then why we confine us

to others thoughts?

Killing our desires ,

dreams ,for others taunts.

The world is cruel,

It will always try to

create trouble,

Restricting, your thoughts to

narrow imagination plot.

The pressure of 

Others desire will hurt you,

It will Suppress you,

Leading to Depression,

The world will seem like

Closed for you,

Everywhere is dark and dark,

the shark of sadness will

Try to take you to the world of


But, you should remember

The life is long,

hard work can take you

To the victory song

Death is not the solution,

It is an illusion,

Takes you to the

Way of failure song.

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