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Kriti Parashar

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Kriti Parashar

Abstract Inspirational Others

Freedom_Independence Day !

Freedom_Independence Day !

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Freedom in Mind, Faith in Words, Pride in Soul,

Happy Independence Day to all at every core,

A day to commemorate the freedom of the nation,

To remember and salute all the freedom fighters,

The sacrifice and actions to create a liberated nation,

To make freedom is integral to our existence,

Now it's our duty to design a better nation for the next generation.

Let the patriotism should take wing not only today but every day,

Let your spirit host national flag and heart recite national anthem,

Let you be the change, you wish to see in our nation,

Unfortunately, this year corona seize on all the freedom, 

So the celebration can’t be the same as every year,

When it is advised to refrain all kind of gathering,

All the humans are caged in their own premises,

Kids aren't performing on the stage as holidays are going on,

Now the freedom itself has a new meaning in life,

A new battle is still going on for freedom,

Freedom to do whatever we want,

Freedom to step out whenever we wish,

Freedom to Travel anywhere in the world,

Freedom to eat out the favorite cuisine,

Freedom to meet friends and enjoy weekends,

Freedom to solemnize the fiesta of nations.

“Jai Hind”

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