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Is it ok to want to capture every raindrop

And feel it again and again and again

Falling against my skin, through my skin, into my soul

Quenching a thirst I never felt till gone?

Is it ok to memorise every smell

And draw every picture

And savour every taste

And every little thing 

That moves mountains in my heart—

Intoxicating roses, lovely lavenders and fresh mint,

Blaring reds, calming blues, happy yellows and drowsy greys,

Sweet vanilla, bitter chocolate and oh, strawberries!—

Just to feel it again,

And understand every sensation,

The buzz, the beating of this heart

And the skips caused?

Is it possible to dwell so much on those memories 

And yet not live in the past?

To know the consequences of yesterday

And yet act today?

To live in my head

And yet fall in love with the world around?

Is it possible (say yes) to love poetry (also: chaos)

And yet long for silence?

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