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The Pen Wielders

Drama Romance


The Pen Wielders

Drama Romance

Fading Love Story

Fading Love Story

1 min 369 1 min 369

Its 9 pm and I 

Walk down to the bench, our bench. 

I sit under the gloomy lamplight

With the book that you gave me. 

It's been four months since we've spoken. 

I've forgotten what you sound like.

How you laugh, 

The way you twitch your eyes, 

How your lips move, 

Your ardent fascination with the moon, 

And all the other insignificant things 

That I vaguely remember about you.

Well, I've always been taught 

To stand tall in the face of the things 

That I can't control, 

So I've started coming down 

Here, after dinner hoping 

To control the thought of you 

(Doesn't really work though). 

The way we were, 

And how you've made me feel 

About myself all the while,

Is the reason I am what I am today.

And if I have a chance to go back

And start our ephemeral journey 

All over again knowing,

That it would end the same, 

I'd do it in a blink of an eye. 

Can't roll the dice on it. 

Our love may not have a favorable end 

But it did have a benevolent journey; 

And I think that matters more; 

Well, at least to me.

And I would be lying if I told you, 

That not a single day went by when 

I didn't wish it would've worked out

Between us because I did. 

I never really believed when they said 

That "Part of the journey is the end". 

Guess they're right after all. 

The moon's in the waning

Crescent phase today.

Quietly, the moon fades away,

And so does our story.

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