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Bhoomika Uppal



Bhoomika Uppal


Equality in Today's World

Equality in Today's World

2 mins 226 2 mins 226

Being born in the world of patriarchy

Equality still seems like a dream 

Like shadows in the darkness, and

Walls of an empty house

Hiding millions of unheard screams.


I get abused; I get bruised

I get raped; there is no one to my rescue

Caught in the world of patriarchy and power

I walk with my head low.


Who is this ‘I’?

This ‘I’ is me, this ‘I’ is you.

Shackled and caged,

In boxes of pink and blue.


He/She; Them/They,


Where is my identity?

I am not allowed to be free.


Things are not improving, rather getting worse,

Selfish predators are filled with lust.

No one is debarred from this torture 

The justice system seems to be sleeping 

They are busy with victim-blaming 

“She is a woman; she should have been careful”

When a man becomes a victim, 

Things then get painful.


In this world full of patriarchy,

Equality is still a dream

The innocent soul in each body screams.

It doesn't know the politics of the sexes and genders

Unaware of the world full of greed

And the injustices that render

Sons to be strong and daughters to be weak


As the newspaper tells stories of assault, 

My feet get cold,

Millions of children are bought and sold,

Isn't it enough to be scared?

It’s this fear that would make us bold


The fight for equality is a long one

And cannot be fought alone.

Come out, 

Voice your opinion

Reveal your identity!

Take it as a challenge, 

As an opportunity

Set the screaming soul free 

Yes, we will achieve equality 

And this time you and I won't be dreaming!


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