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Bhoomika Uppal



Bhoomika Uppal


One is not born rather becomes a woman

One is not born rather becomes a woman

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When I was born I was unknown to the world of the men,

I opened my eyes wide enough to see the beauty of this world 

Little did I knew at that time with beauty lies the ugliness,with freedom lies bondage

I was free to crawl and walk around 

Free to cry and wail aloud

One day all this changed

My mother told me that you are girl and

You need to behave 

My freedom was taken away

I was taught to dress,sit and live by their way

My father taught me 

Don't speak much

They never realized what it meant as such

As time passed my choices held no value

I was offered a world which the world chose for me

Nobody asked whether I was happy or not

All they cared about was their pride and respect of thought

I was reluctant to accept the changes which I never demanded

But then nobody came to my rescue and I was taken for granted

I wanted to study,I wanted to travel the world 

I wanted to dance around and roam in a ferry

But they only wanted me to marry

I was not allowed to love

But to be with someone who was a vulture disguised as dove

I worked hard to make the home a house

But I was daily beaten up by my spouse

I was looked down as something filthy each time I bled

Little did they all knew with blood my power fled

Years after one moment of joy came

I had a beautiful daughter

And I promised her that the world to her would never be the same

I left the house and wandered with my child

Helpless but strong this time 

I worked harder and harder for her

And offered her a world of her own

I completed my dreams through her's

And then it was never again the world only meant for misters.

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