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Ending It

Ending It

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It's a closed book, this thing;

You and me, we never existed;

Except in little fatuous dreams.

I wish you would let it be,

To not give me any reasons,

I wouldn't care for them, anyway.

I was cast in a mold,

And you never tried to break it open,

So don't start that now.

In a perfect little world,

I would have been mooning after you,

That's what you want, isn't it?

To make me fall for you,

So we could make a reality of dreams-

Never realizing I'd already fallen.

Never should you know that,

For I had bruises to show for it,

And learning a lesson, not to fall for charm.

You, who I'd have been proud of,

The one whose true self, I know not now,

Hid so much of ugliness from me.

I never thought for a moment that,

My disenchantment would be so complete,

That you would become just another face to forget.

Miles of roads separate us now,

And an even bigger chasm stretches

Between who I am and who you became.

When everyone there assumed,

I could never fall for anyone,

I felt proud of myself, of my choice.

Once I saw how close I came,

I once again chose not to act,

To just let time soothe the tiny prick.

And when my hesitation was rewarded,

I felt only a little upset,

Because who you became was not

The one I fell so hard for.

So, your loss was my gain,

For in erasing you out of my life,

I realized that you were just a make-believe guy.

Because I never really knew who you were,

It was easy not to miss you,

And easier still to forget about you.

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