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Dulhan 21

Dulhan 21

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Every girl wants to marry a guy who is her soulmate.

Who supports her, understand her, love her.

When every girl is small they try to copy her mother, they wear her saree, jewellery, they copy her mother's styles.

I am also one of them, I also like to wear bridal red cloth, when I come home after attaining someone's marriage I told to my mom please purchase bridal clothes and Jewellery for me.

When I wear it I am feeling very happy.

Because little babies do silly things which makes them happy and others too they don't know the concept behind marriages and issues.

When I grew up I understand how dowry, looks, etc become issues for girls when it's come to the point of marriages.

Their parent's sacrifices come where girls also sacrifice their dreams.

Come leave their beautiful career for marriages.

There are so many sacrifices which we can't explain.

When I am small one question always arises in my mind why girls are not looking happy in their marriage ceremony.

It's a very nice and beautiful day of her life.

It's a very important day in her life.

When I am older I understand some are single children so they think(girl) who will care his parents and family about marriage, some are not marriage their love partners, some are little worried about a there new beginning of life, some are leaving their career for marriage, some marriages are based on terms and conditions, there are so many things, when I was small I thing marriages is a beautiful day for everyone (Girl, Girls family, friends, she would be, their families, friends etc) but it's not always possible as it seems.

Know and before also there were may laws for women's and recent the girl age for marriage is 21 because it's related to her physical and mental health. When girl was 18 she was not fully mature they just passed their intermediate, their physical health was not good to conceive for pregnancy so many girls die due to malnutrition and some are suffering from mental health also. They don't get a chance to make their careers they have lack of time because of the early age of marriages. So I am happy for a new policy, change for positive is very Beneficial for everyone. Thank you

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