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Jacqueline Lobo John



Jacqueline Lobo John


Doing What I Love ❤️

Doing What I Love ❤️

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I write here because I love to write,

I love to express myself and share it too,

I love to read your feelings just as mine,

Write and read, read and write, it's just being wonderful!

Most of the time I spend this way,

Especially these lockdown days,

I can do this, what I like most,

As I have my loved ones to help me out!

They help me with the household work,

Even cooking at times, they try it out,

I have them to share my feelings too,

It's being so kind, this time in my life!

I never thought a lockdown can be this marvelous,

Which brought in me, calmness and peace inside out,

It's for a good cause, to keep the Corona out,

If we succeed in it, we will get out of out!

I was so worried about all this a few days back,

Now, I feel relaxed to see so many fight the virus out,

Being positive they say is the only way out,

Thank God for the peace in me and my loved one's support!

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