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Vidushi Rastogi



Vidushi Rastogi


Disparity In Parity

Disparity In Parity

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Thinking about her broken heart,

Her love for books stopped before it starts.

She tried to turn a new leaf,

Picking up her pen with fright and a little zeal,

But words ceased in the track,

As parents taunts came haunting back,

Pointing out the way she looks,

Questioning her identity because she can't cook,

Her mind playing out each glare,

Reprimanding each struggle of perfect behavior

As rules get thrust down her throat, 

And each inhale slowly choke

Every jeer, sneer, scoff, and derision

Surmounting her will and determination

She shackles her will with each epithet

Murdering her dream to numb internal conflict

This open cage eventually became her solace,

Within every yearning eating itself

Yet people fear a cannibal attack 

Her own body became a war zone

'Should be' killing each 'want' from the core

Each corpse made her regret that lack of fight,

Realizing her career would have treated her right,

Yet another soul joined the aimless train,

Following a societal terrain,

Why does such cruelty always win?

Laughing on top of the crushed dreams,

Their thought oppressing the intellect by gender,

Surviving on the blood of throats they stifle.

Each individual turned into a breathing explosive

Each individual fighting a society we strive to fit in.

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