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Vidushi Rastogi



Vidushi Rastogi


I'm Mortal

I'm Mortal

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As time flows,

And air cools,

I feel a rush inside,

Both stagnant and everlasting,

As the essence of life.

Overwhelmed with emotions,

Gasping for air,

Shouting on top,

Yet none can hear.

Surrounded yet lonely,

Rushed but immobile,

Myriad of emotions,

Each engulfing the erstwhile.

Confident yet nervous,

Embodying the haze,

Each part of my being,

Altogether ablaze.

Everything seems senseless but logic remain,

A world entirely separated inside a world itself,

Desire so apparent yet vague the next blink,

A mirror facing another, magnifying each conflict,

As a drop in an ocean creating ripples till it lasts.

Time so limited yet endless and vast,

A path appears straight but the mind is aghast.

No heed to directions or advises that come,

Everything is racing just to succumb.

A little part of me begging to finally surrender,

That part of me ignored every morning with humor.

I suddenly fail to see,

What I require to foresee,

So, I guess I require a filter or bifurcation,

Yet each emotion shows a face of adoration,

Other lost faces provide a temporary salvation,

From the reality with which I have negotiation.

A hanging corpse of dreams is all I see,

But every emotion asks for a different part of me,

All mangled in each other,

They desire to exist

Together forming a mortal,

That subsist.

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