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Destined Love

Destined Love

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I slept on the crimson floors

Of mind's mewling heart,

Blooming in my dreams

Dying in caressing cart.

Cart of this ruthless world

Shards of its manic scream,

Still pierce my blissful world

In reminiscence of moaning gleam.

How we were used to soar

In shades of nostalgic nights,

With hands glued hands and

Lips upon our insights.

Gloomy yet golden was

The day when we met,

Blessing was the only thing

In disguise what I get.

Pond was filled with

Auric water of Astound,

When we were used to sit

Along its greenish ground.

Seeing your restless reflection

On waves of weary water,

My heart eluded it's

Love on this soulful slaughter.

Relentless were seconds and

Blissful were the hours,

Crescendo of our love was

Dancing with the flowers.

Zephyr was arousing our

Emotions upto heights,

Flawless and feeble were

Signals of our sights.

Signs were enough to

Read our hearty book,

Luck was more dark than

What it seemed to look.

At last you laid upon

Your bed of bloodshed,

Alluring in your memories

All my poems you read.

Destiny was defining our

Love to be left incomplete,

All of our prayers were

Lynched by Godly deceit.

You were my only bliss

Will be my only love,

In soil of your grave I

Found my delightful dove.

I was waiting for the day

When I fearlessly kiss you,

Yet in this weary world

I will seamlessly miss you.

You can't become mine

Yet my soul is all yours,

We will surely meet dear

In our heavenly tours.

In this fuss of flaws my

Feelings are escalating,

I know for me your soul

Is yet eagerly waiting!

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