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M Dhyani

Tragedy Inspirational Others


M Dhyani

Tragedy Inspirational Others

Depression To Reconciliation!

Depression To Reconciliation!

1 min

I search inside me, find hollowness,

Am I captured by the loneliness? 

To be honest, I am still confused about my numbness,   

Am I heading towards wilderness?

I find everything around me faulty,

Would that please me if I become snotty?

I have no friends around me to give consolation,

Or have I become a victim of my own imagination?

The world has become pain and useless,

Or just my thoughts stretching too far -it is senseless,

Let me find one reason for life,

My mind is so puzzled that it resemblances beehive!

People are causing me distress and irritation, 

I had enough of my hallucination!

Oh God ! it seems like a long road of destruction,

Please save me, I need your intervention!

Wait a second, am I doing an exaggeration?

People more troubled than me- required no commiseration.

The drastic step would not end my disruption,

Let me be more courageous and put end to this fixation!  

There is a family behind me so adorable,

Am I selfish not to think about them? So deplorable!

Life throws adversities at us, we have to dodge them,

It is the story of everyone, so why we have to budge then!

I learned my lesson and now chasing an eternity,

Believe me, time would change and we all have serenity!

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