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Shrikant Rath

Abstract Inspirational


Shrikant Rath

Abstract Inspirational

Deceptive Life, Counterfeit Pride

Deceptive Life, Counterfeit Pride

2 mins 397 2 mins 397

Sitting retarded at increase of the day

Fringed at the shoreline of life's bay

Where raving waves break in ripples

Blinded by a layer of future's dribbles

Tracing hopes in air my fingers worn

Specialise the sagely wisdom of hush

Grass wild have grown once where

My tiny footprints definite before lay

A lifetime of little steps I took to stay

And to dark woods of bitterness brave

And all the items my guts digested

In every little way on every single day

In this new world's glowing incessance

Models are remembered for the walks

For the temptation of earthly elegance

Changing the planet with ulterior grace

In vicarage of bodily simplicity for style

Train lips to fake serving a soulful smile

In life's myriad curves undefined in time

Frizzy thoughts out to eminence denied

Life hustled through bittersweet feeling

And a lifetime spent stories imagining

Under death's definite eyes supervising

Unsteady I linger in my heart bewildering

Upon my silence a wreath of mock laid

Heartless called after I hold my breath

A lethargic blow of yawn modest escape

Something inside in utter disarray portray

Metaphoric get things for what they trace

Unseen this fragile heart silently breaks

A silly sleeping humanity fails to wake up

From the lull of the world's fairytale show

Thrones deep have been buried low in pits

Though once controlled lives bled pallid

Unawakened the world holds down mighty

Who tend to fall in love for life's continuity

Vermillion twilight of dawns innocent pristine

Ruler of the skies brings day's harsh realities

Never faltering a bit which path in life to take

Into crimson and purple confusion of sunset

After a long basking in life time for long break

Giving up to dark oblivion of utter emptiness 

How ironic, such mighties too burnt down

Like a luminous candle with a cold heart

I think of when memories in my head spin

I don't care to erase nor engross in them

But I will let you hear all of their true notes 

Until I fall asleep and no more shall speak 

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