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Mishti M

Abstract Romance Others


Mishti M

Abstract Romance Others

Dance Of Love

Dance Of Love

2 mins 212 2 mins 212

Coming down the stairs

Wearing nothing but my skin. 

Hearing footsteps you turn to meet

The sight that makes you smile. 

Your eyes glittered with delight 

As I pass you by. 

I know that look,

I want those sighs that hide

Behind that smile.

Slow approach, kisses on my thighs, 

You gonna take your time 

Climbing up. 

I giggle and sigh as your hands slide

Up and down just to stop, 

So they can begin to play

The chords of delight 

On my skin.

Like an engineer, 

You experiment to see 

What gets the intense reaction 

Due to applied action.

You’re getting high 

From making me sigh, 

Twist and turn, 

Twitch and burn.

There is only so much I can take.

Dripping with need

To feel you inside me

I pull you up, 

Kissing you strong and hard.

Biting your lip 

Just so I can lick 

The place where I afflicted pain.

I feel your excitement

I feel you are hard 

Awaiting for us to join,

I sigh.

You know what I crave for,

You smile, 

Looking at my eyes 

While we finally become one.

Bending down 

To put your lips on mine, 

A long kiss to get ourselves lost 

In the sensation of melting into each other, 

Strokes become harder.

And so it begins,

Hours of lovemaking.

Giving and taking 

Biting and kissing 

Rolling and climbing

Begging and sighing.

In the end, 

After, our bodies are just

Sharing the same bed, 

Lying next to each other, 

Breathing fast with a smile on my face,

I fall into your open arms 

And cuddle for a while 

Enjoying the scent and warmth of your skin 

Hearing your heart beat.

Words of love and adoration 

Start to flow,

Making us count our blessings

For all that we have, 

In each other,

And in life.

It’s in those moments I bound you

More and more, 

Every time, to my soul. 

“Never tie yourself to anything, 

It’s the source of all suffering",

Say the ones that are afraid to love.

In life, everything is a game of gain and loss,

Sometimes you win, sometimes you lose.

Love isn’t always a choice

But it’s a gift that consumes you whole.

With a gentle kiss

We part in bed,

Just so we can meet again.

Maybe in the kitchen 

Or on the staircase 

And start our dance of love, 


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