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Abstract Drama



Abstract Drama

Crowded Street

Crowded Street

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I wandered in solitude to a once crowded street                         

   Where people from all walks of life used to meet and greet.         


  Now I spot nothing but emptiness here   

 Due to the situation of stress and fear.


Back to nineteen and years ago,          

When the street used to throng with green, orange and indigo


And when vendors traded articles of radiance                     

 As azure as the heavens above; the street with convivial ambiance.


The aroma of sweets made/ dripping out of in ghee had a grace                

And the fritters and chaat brought a smile on one’s face


The spicy, tangy, sour, taste lingers even today               

       Playfully reminding me of those days.


Giggles and laughter, sobbing and yells   

 The street heard voices of children and bells


The everyday commotion was its glory,    

Deprived of which there doesn’t seem any harmony.


Fragrance of perfume and flowers strung way down                         

 Airy and exquisite just like the petals of a crown


The odour of people carried nothing but warmth,

Cherishing their share of savory and salt. 


As I started winding up the street,       

 Stumbled upon a realization sweet,


The crowd is meant to beautify and spark  

 The street which has become archaic.   

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