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Amit Sirmanwar



Amit Sirmanwar




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I heard there was a craftsman somewhere far

Who can teach to create heaven from war

As broken I never was, I wanted some answers

They said, his eyes were better than any lovers

So, wandering around the city, to everyone I was asking

"Are you the craftsman? please save me."

But, they ran away, as an idiot I could be

In the forest, to animals and trees told what I was seeking

I tried to learn everything they could give me silently

But, it made me feel more left in the dark lavishly

Then, I went to the sea, to gain knowledge infinitely

I studied, tried to merge anything of its clout

Nothing more, I just got more layers of doubt

Now, I explored the land for craftsman thro' the sky

I found nothing new with flying any times high

Finally, I sat on a big rock, thinking about wasted years

I gave up, and decided, whatever happens, nothing matters

Suddenly, saw a young man, lost, as I used to be

Suddenly, I realized I could help his story of how he ran

Smiling. looking in eyes he screamed, "I've found my craftsman."

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