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Suchismita Ghoshal

Children Tragedy


Suchismita Ghoshal

Children Tragedy

Birthday Wish

Birthday Wish

1 min 409 1 min 409

The clock hits 12' again,

Eyes wide open enough,

Yet feels like waking up from a dream;

The hues of green, blue,yellow and red,

Disperse from the core of my heart.

The series of wishes catch my breath,

Still my ears yearn for the sweetest one,

Unheard and unmatched;

Restless shadows sketch my lingers.

I feel the shivers from my head to toe,

The moon away from million miles,

Greets with its silver tints;

I watch the glee of glistening stars,

Hailing for a new start!

My fingers caress my strands of hair,

The thought restricts on a pending wish,

My nails scratch the window panes,

The desire latches on an unfulfilled message.

It pains where three words are tougher to get,

It dries throat if easiest things are rarest to touch,

It wets eyes when attuned gazes turn into unseen thirsts,

Among the delicate chocolates and candies.

I await for the embrace interlocking my broken pieces,

I long for the forehead-kiss curing my wounds,

I crave for the lap enriching my peace-world.

It shows 5 minutes past to 12,

Waking up from a fake reverie.

I knew it won't come again,

The new start won't be ravishing again,

The radiant hues won't show his path again,

The presents won't unfasten the lost memories again!

My birthday will come and go,

Aging will make my experiences grow;

But all I know they can't cover,

Can never cover my longing-

For my dad again...

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