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Aishwarya Eashwar



Aishwarya Eashwar


Billet - Doux

Billet - Doux

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I am this, upon which it's written,

You are this, with which it's penned.

I've been meaning to give you, this token of appreciation, for all that you've ever been,

As, from the day, I lay my eyes upon you, my beloved, I've been nothing, but smitten!

There have been many a moment, of amorous passion,

And of contrasting abomination.

With years of growing older together, the effervescent you, have been the sculpting hand,

Moulding, and mending, my mental aberration.

I may seem drifting away from you at times,

Becoming a xanthippe, far from an idyllic.

But, the vision of our love, that brought us together, 

I'll always hold, eidetic.

I know not, how far we'd travel,

What lies ahead in our destiny.

Till death do us apart, it will forever be,

For, if not, it isn't as 'holy' a matrimony!


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