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Sharvari 🌸

Abstract Inspirational


Sharvari 🌸

Abstract Inspirational



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Here I stand again wanting to run away

Oh! But where to go 

There is nothing but darkness everywhere.


 My soul is broken and I am left with nothing but the ashes of my dreams

The ones that I cannot touch or hold

The ones that have burned in hell

I hear my heart mourning in silence 

Yet trying to convince those around that I am well.

 Why does it have to be like that? 

Why can’t I be happy like them?

Is it so wrong to want to be at peace

Wanting this misery to end?


Maybe I was wrong,

Maybe there is hope, 

Maybe it is hidden somewhere

Maybe it will help me cope.


But what if I am wrong?

Because there is nothing but darkness around,

Not even rustling of leaves 

but only silence that surrounds.


Let me walk a bit further 

Taking one day at a time 

What if not now but someday I might find the light

The one that will lead me through the darkness by burning bright.


Oh! I see it now as it stops raining

The light that I can see is of thunder,

Roaring loudly as if telling me to stop doubting myself

To step out and let the hope soak in.


The darkness seems to go away as I see the sunrise

I can see the break of dawn through my eyes

Maybe it true the rain has to end someday

And so does the pain

Maybe it will all be okay someday

If I just believe in myself.







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