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alina athar



alina athar


Behind The Emptiness It's You

Behind The Emptiness It's You

1 min 538 1 min 538

You told me that something is not right,

I figured, that's the reason we fight,

But it would have been alright,

If you would have stayed instead of leaving that night.

Now you're gone, but it's hard for me to move on,

You were the rhythm and my muse,

You painted my world with the brightest hues.

Heart is not beating the same,

Eyes are searching you, again and again,

Lips do remember the taste of your kiss,

Pillow fight, cuddle tight, are the things that I miss.

Days are vacant, silent are nights,

The brightest star, looks like the dimmest light,

The birds that used to sing are now lost in the wood,

I still remember the things, we did under the hood.

"You were not just a person, but part of my soul,

Without you in my life, I'm not whole,

You were the closest of the few,

Maybe that's why Behind The Emptiness It's You". 

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