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alina athar

Abstract Drama


alina athar

Abstract Drama

My Life

My Life

1 min 216 1 min 216

My life is like an open book,

Anyone can have a look, with a new chapter every day in my life.

Teaching me so many lessons that I knew are all right.

My life is like a new seedling, 

And I'm gonna make a new beginning.

The seed that had been sown, is getting everything from the mother earth,

Just like my mom use to give me everything right from my birth.

Now my life is like the wet sand,

Needed to be moulded with the perfect hand.

The hands should be careful while handling the paste,

Because if something goes wrong, then my life will be a waste.

My life is like an empty sea, waiting for a grand refill.

Wishing for the world to teach me, anything or everything.

Waiting for the rainbow to share its vibrant colors with me,

So that I can burst those colors for the outer world to see.

Now I guess, I'm like the pouring rain,

Washing the dirt and everybody's pain,

Some like to play with me, while others like to hide their tears in me.

But, I want nothing from thee.


Now my life has reached its end,

Like a signboard of a dead end.

But, when I turn back,

I can see all those happy faces that will cry when I'm gone.

You know its nature's law,

Who has come, will have to go,

And now I'm gonna say Adios... 

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