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Asavari Bhattacharya

Abstract Others


Asavari Bhattacharya

Abstract Others

Barely There

Barely There

2 mins 197 2 mins 197


I’m just barely here,

Don’t make such a fuss,

It’s costing me every bit of energy

To be.


Listen, I’m just vaguely here,

You asked about my plans

For the future,

So I’ll tell you,

I’m trying to make it to this evening,

Without burning down the world

Around me, to the bone

To ashes and stones.


Listen, shh

Shh-shh-shut up!

Shut the fxxx up!

I know you are dying too

But if we both were drowning,

You’d be thinking of yourself too

Just yourself;

And not me. I guess that’s fine.


Listen, don’t whine;

I mean, not all the time; let me complain too,

We’re both self-absorbed cuxxs,

Drunk in desires and wants,

Losing sight of what we need,

Really need,

So just let’s take turns

Complaining in our urns

Of discolored lives.


Listen, I’m not crying

OK, I am.

So let me cry and go to the other room

To cry yourself,

I’m too wrapped up in my overactive imagination

To wrap my arms around you

When you need me,

When you need me.


Listen, listen, listen!

Let’s just make it to Friday,

Then we can smoke and drink coffee

Read books (wait, I think it’s better to drink tea).

I’ll hold you baby

And you will hate me

Deep, deep down,

Underwater of the love

We have to pour out of our mouths

And run away, lustful touches;

Listen; let’s just do all of these

And pretend that we’ll be better

The next week;

As if Monday

Will not have us clawing

Frantically at our throats,



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