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Romil Gala

Romance Classics Inspirational


Romil Gala

Romance Classics Inspirational

Arranged Love

Arranged Love

2 mins 175 2 mins 175 is great knowing you and I hope you too feel the same,

It was awkward for me too in the start but along, the good vibes came

Its not easy in such a short time to know a person in and out,

But I assure you from my side I'll be complete open and honest so that you don't have any doubt

Trusting another person is a hard thing and it takes more than just knowing one another,

I am willing to tell anything and everything and also I am always there to listen so the things can go smoother

Leaving your parents and your home for life is not at all an easy thing to do

I ll make sure you feel as comfortable as your home and that you'll see through

Till now your way of living might be different than my family's way is and that is true

But I give you my word that you alone won't have to adjust as it is my family's responsibility too

I don't have much money to give you all the luxuries of life that you may have desired

But I promise you to give luxury of thoughts, of relation, of character and of everything that is anyways required

I know You have your goals that you want to achieve in your life

I ll make sure to help and support you in whatever ways I can-my future wife

I know there's still enough time for our marriage but still there's always some pressure in back of my mind

At times I may too get a li'l nervous about things so please bear with me and be kind

Getting in love is one thing and maintaining that love throughout life is another

I know as long as we both are loyal, understanding and happy with each other, we can make it till the end together

I am damn sure we can bring out better version of ourselves from each other in time

It will be a beautiful journey to experience and I am sure our life will be in a perfect rhyme


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