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Win cash rewards worth Rs.45,000. Participate in "A Writing Contest with a TWIST".

Vidyalakshmi Iyer

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Vidyalakshmi Iyer

Action Others

Are You Comfortable?

Are You Comfortable?

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Everytime I travel alone 

the cortisol in my body plays basketball,

Sometimes fear of being molested 

Sometimes robbed.

Stress becomes my co-passenger. 

Today I sat in the window seat of KSRTC,

a man came nearby and sat. 

I had no problem then, But; 

I noticed the empty seat in front of me. 

It was staring me like a gaunt little scarecrow. 

I felt confused and narrow. 

Stones of doubt were flowing along with the blood inside.

I became skeptic of his actions.

He sat very comfortably,

sometimes compressing me to the shield of the bus.

He twisted and turned and pushed. 

Then he asked if am I Comfortable.....

I said it's okay, (not to hurt strangers)

My mind confused me like a damsharads game. 

I thought I was thinking too far,

But my body felt discomfort. 

He kept on asking my name, return journey,

I didn't want to say but I said, 

some fake, some partial truths.

He suddenly tied his hands 

and his fingers touched my body (breasts).

I became very conscious....

He then asked 'Are you comfortable'? 

I was shrinking in malaise. 

First I thought it might not be intentional.

The story repeated.

He then asked 'Are you comfortable' ? 

I showed him my eyes, full of deterrence.

He said to me that " I have to board at Attingal."

I asked have you not bought a ticket for chathannoor?

His eyes revealed his cocktail face.

I shouted, "I am not comfortable".

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