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Shweta Saxena



Shweta Saxena


Are We Truly Independent?

Are We Truly Independent?

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It's a matter of pride that we remain worlds largest democracy,

But are we truly democratic?

The preamble of the Indian constitution says we resolve to constitute India into a sovereign socialist secular democratic republic, But by changing the names of places like from Allahabad to Prayagraj are we really being secular in that?

Article 15 of the constitution says there will be the prohibition of discrimination on grounds of religion, race, caste, sex, or place of birth, But with CAA purely discriminatory based on religion are we really doing that?

Article 44 of the Indian constitution says that the state shall endeavour that secure for the citizen a uniform civil code throughout the territory of India, But is the state really trying to secure that?

Article 46 of the Indian constitution says the state shall promote the educational and economic interest of scheduled tribe, But with the armed force, special protection act, still applicable in many scheduled areas is the state really doing that?

On the world bank's ease of doing business India has vaulted from 149th position in 2014 to 63rd in 2019

But with bank defaulters like Vijay Mallya and Lalit Modi freely roaming around after defrauding crores of worth public money, is this rank really worth it?

Article 19 of the Indian constitution ensures freedom of speech and expression to citizens

But with the Internet ban in many areas for continued many months, are we really ensuring freedom of speech?

Article 22 of the Indian constitution ensures protection against arrest and detention, But with continuous custodial deaths in many parts of India are we really ensuring protection?

Article 29 ensures the protection of interest of minorities, But we really protecting them?

Article 50 ensures separation of judiciary from the executive,

Is it really so?

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